What we do: Our Services


Building a new center? We can manage your project! We have a proven track record in building successful centers, from licensing to occupancy and certification through accreditation.

Our comprehensive project support includes a "boots on the ground" collaborative approach and access to our innovative project management software tools, that tracks progress and deadlines.

We also offer plans consultation if you are not looking for full management.


We offer support solutions to fit your facility needs and budget. Contact us so that we can customize a plan that fits your needs.




Feeling overwhelmed by the accreditation process? We can help! With our expertise and customized project management tool, "Accredi-Ready," we offer you customized support to be ready by easily tracking and documenting your accreditation preparation process. We will also test your readiness and provide you with the resources you need for success.



Ready for your next accreditation or licensure survey?  Let us assess your readiness with a compliance check up!  We offer both on site and on line check ups to prepare you for your successful survey.




Sometimes, audits are unexpected and don't go as well as planned. We are here to help. Our customized solutions provide a project management approach to ensure that all aspects of the current requirements are met.



What we offer: Our Solutions


ASC Solutions Membership

Join us and get access to our innovative resources to make your job easier! Membership provides access to our innovative tools and resources that are updated regularly, to help you better manage your center. We give you access to powerful tools so you can focus on what you do best. We share our secrets on how to take control of regulatory requirements and show you how easy it can be to be compliance ready at all times.

EDUCATION: ASC Solutions Academy

Our online education program, ASC Solutions Academy, provides web-based training to help your facility meet its educational needs. The courses are self-paced, and offer a certificate to support successful completion. Courses are offered individually, or as part of our membership.

Policies & Documents: ASC Solutions Library

Our online ASC Solutions Library is our helping hand to meet your regulatory categories for compliance, and include policies and forms to meet regulatory requirements.  Our ASC Solutions Library is available a la carte for one full year of access.



Writing Quality Studies can be challenging. However, using our online QAPI Report Builder will take the guesswork out of writing quality studies and gets it into the format needed to meet accreditation.



BENCHMARKING: ASC Benchmarking Alliance

Our web-based benchmarking tool, ASC Benchmarking Alliance, allows you to confidentially enter key  data to measure and compare both with your ongoing performance and well as with other ASC's.



Our Compliance Tracking Dashboard puts you in control of your compliance! Using our Dashboard, you can easily: maintain compliance tasks; upload completed documents; manage reminders; integrate with your own calendar; and track your progress!



We have created a patient satisfaction survey system that will make the process painless for you and your staff. You can choose to simply email a link to your patients or embed the form directly onto your website! We collect all the responses and send you a monthly report for you to review.


ALMSS 5 Star Review


I have found the team to both be extremely knowledgeable in their field while being very approachable, friendly, responsive and just very much the "how can I help" attitude. - SE


Their scope of knowledge and experience they bring to those seeking surgery center guidance is outstanding. - EL


I could not have opened our center without the team at ALMSS... I can't say enough great things about working with ALMSS and their team. - LP


Having worked with ALM for the past five years, I have grown as a clinical manager. They have been a great asset to us and are very resourceful, informed, proactive and professional. - LB, ASC Clinical Operations Manager


We just finished our ASC with the help of ALMSS - these ladies are fantastic; I cannot recommend them highly enough. They have an amazing level of knowledge in this area... they have a huge network of contacts to call upon and are so detail oriented that they don't miss a thing. My only regret is not listening to everything that they said... trust me, don't veer from their advice! - LW



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