Stuff We Love for our ASC

Stuff We Love for our ASC

Here is a list of some great equipment and supplies we found that have made our life easier

Take a look at our list of items we love for ASC's! We bet there are a few items on this list that your center needs!

Anesthesia Carts

This industrial cart works well as an anesthesia cart. It's lockable, and on wheels. and is much less expensive than most.

Bedside Tables

Here is an inexpensive bedside table for your PACU, that won't break the bank.

Blood Pressure Cuffs

Here's an inexpensive stethoscope/blood pressure cuff combo.

Call Button System

Need to add a wireless call button system to your facility? Check these out.

Carry Board

If you have a facility that is not on the first floor, you may need an emergency carry board for your fire stairs.  Here is an inexpensive option.


Looking for some new clocks for your center?  Here are some.

Document Holders

We love this wall mount page holder reference system.  Great for mounting in the OR because it it wipe-able and can hold multiple documents!  Check these out.

Duct Tape

Need to create your OR red line?  Here's some red duct tape!

File Folders

Here are some great classification file folders with 6 fasteners to help keep you organized.

Floor Mats

Industrial floor mats are great for in front of your scrub sinks.

Foot Stools

Need an inexpensive footstool? Check this one out!

IV Hooks

Need hooks for IV'S?  Keep it simple with a Command Hook!  Inexpensive and easy to install.  Great for your patient bathrooms!

IV Poles

Need IV Poles? Here are some inexpensive ones that will do the trick.

Laundry (or Trash) Carts

If storage is a problem, and you need a cart to hold your soiled linen or trash until it can be transferred, here's a good option.

Medication Drawer Organizers

These are actually sock organizers, but work really well as medication storage organizers in crash carts, anesthesia carts, and medication drawers. Check them out.

Narcotic Box

Narcotic boxes are a necessity. Here is a double lock narcotic box that won't break the bank.

Pulse Oximeter

It's always nice to have a portable Pulse Oximeter available. Check this one out.

Refrigerator Door Lock

Need a refrigerator lock that doesn't require drilling?  Take a look at this one.


Need to get boxes off the floor?  Take a look at these plastic grids.

If you need a larger, more heavy duty riser, this one should work.

Rolling Chair

Need an inexpensive rolling task chair? Check this one out.

Rolling Stool

We always need an extra rolling stool or two.

Rust Dissolver

Any equipment showing rust?  Use this rust dissolver (Naval Jelly) to repair the problem.


Here is a scale that can measure height and weight up to 400 pounds.


Need storage shelving?  Here is an inexpensive option with castors.

Storage Bins

Storage and organization always seem to be a challenge. Finding great stackable bins is key. Check these out.

Storage Cart

Here is a nice little cart for bedside supply storage.


Here is a temple thermometer with good ratings.


Use a toolbox for lipid rescue or emergency airway supplies.  Label it and keep it on the top of your crash cart for easy access.

Utility Cart

If you need a nice utility cart for rolling instruments or packs, this one is inexpensive, and can hold up to 400 pounds.

Wall File Holders

Wall file holders can be used for charts, but also are a great way to store patient monitoring supplies like extra blood pressure cuffs, EKG leads, or your pulse oximeter.  Keeps them all neat, visible and easily accessible too.

Walkie Talkies

These are great walkie talkies to use to communicate with the care team.  Great for letting staff know when the OR is ready or that you are on your way to PACU.

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