Can’t find time to maintain those credentialing files appropriately?  Let us help.  We’ll make sure they are organized, up to date, and contain all the necessary documents.

Services Offered:

One time audit:

We will review your credentialing files to verify compliance for a one-time fee. Our audit includes file review, organization, process recommendation, and a needed document list.

Monthly maintenance:

If you prefer, we can maintain your files remotely for a nominal monthly rate. We’ll work with your facility in keeping all the documents current, and have the files prepared and ready for the accreditation/re-accreditation process through your Governing Board. We’ll alert you as new documents are needed, or we will get them for you – your choice. The best part is that it will cost less that the time a staff member is needed.


Contact us at 470-207-8194 or e mail for more information.